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Vattenfall was founded in 1909 and on this site you can see, read and immerse yourself in the momentous events that have shaped the company until today.

Vattenfall has a history going back over 100 years. This is something to be proud of, and offers a lot to learn from. Electricity facilitated what is sometimes called “the second industrial revolution” and electricity also revolutionsidé everyday life. There are many stories to tell from the company's start right down to today.

When Vattenfall was internationalised and became a European company in the early 2000s, several acquired companies were older than Vattenfall. Under the theme of “A pan-European company”, you will get glimpses into the histories of those companies too.

In the spring of 2019, the website has been updated with a number of articles on the "contemporary history" from the turn of the millennium onwards - check the timeline!

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Any person not employed by Vattenfall who wishes to use any of the material for commercial and/or other public purposes must first contact Vattenfall. For questions contact Vattenfall Sweden on facebook.

Employees of Vattenfall may use material from the website in their work, with the exception of material, e.g. images, that does not belong to Vattenfall or the Centre for Business History in Stockholm. For further information and high-resolution images, please contact the Centre for Business History.

Vattenfall is happy to help anyone wishing to research further into the history of Vattenfall or wishing to order copies of images, film or sound in a higher resolution.

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The Centre for Business History in Stockholm
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e-mail: info@naringslivshistoria.se or bildochfakta@naringslivshistoria.se

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