Midskog power plant

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Distribution plant

Vattenfall’s operations were concentrated initially on the expansion of hydroelectric power, a national grid and regional networks. The local distribution of el...

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Øystein Løseth, Lars G Josefsson, Anna Borg and Magnus Hall outside Vattenfall's head office in Solna, Sweden

Four generations of CEOs meet

31 March 2022 was a notable day in Vattenfall’s history. It was the first time that four CEOs had met at the same time to talk about their experiences from their time as Vattenfall’s top man...

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Magnus Hall

Finding our purpose

Magnus Hall led the company at a time when climate issues were growing in importance, both on the political agenda and as a matter of concern to the general public.

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Karin Lepasoon

Four words that changed the company

During the period of 2016–2020 and 2021–2022, Karin Lepasoon worked as Vattenfall's Head of Communications and was influential in formulating the purpose of the company.

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Krångede power plant

A national grid

For the hydropower generated in Norrland to reach the southern parts of Sweden, a national grid was needed. Vattenfall and private players worked together on this issue. But eventually the S...

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Ringhals turbine

A tool for the government

Since the start, Vattenfall has been a tool in the hands of its owner, the Swedish state: initially to promote the country's industrialisation, later as an element of industrial policy. Sinc...

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Trollhättan power plant

Centuries of corporate challenges

Vattenfall's evolution into a major European energy group has not always been plain sailing. The company has been historically successful in handling large fluctuations between periods of ra...

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Power lines at Stornorrfors hydro power station

Challenged by a competitive market

Swedish electricity supply worked very well and electricity production was efficient. At least, so thought Vattenfall and the other Swedish electricity producers prior to deregulation in 199...

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Sunset view from a solar panel roof

Sales of electricity to the private market in Sweden

Generation and sales of electricity are two different areas of business for Vattenfall in Sweden. In very simple terms, it entails selling the electricity generated to the Nordpool electrici...

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Forest after the Gudrun storm

Storm puts focus on security

A natural disaster put the spotlight on the vulnerability of Swedish society. When the electricity stops working, so does virtually everything else. It forced Vattenfall and other electricit...

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Olide power plant

Planners’ dilemma

Getting electricity production to match demand is not easy. If you build too few power plants, there will be shortages; if you build too many, it will be expensive. Development in Sweden and...

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